What to expect

Telephone consultation: 
I offer an initial 30minute telephone or virtual consultation.  This is for you to tell me a bit about the things you are finding difficult currently and for me to tell you a bit more about me.  It is an opportunity to understand the way I work and decide if this will work for you

Initial meeting:
This is for us to discuss your current difficulties in more detail, what you would like to achieve through Occupational Therapy and setting some initial goals.  I will also ask about your health in general, any other professionals you see or treatment you are having and discuss any risks that may be relevant to the work we will be doing together. 

Individual Occupational Therapy sessions: 
We will work together to aid your understanding of yourself in terms of the things you do, what they mean to you and how they help form your sense of identity and impact on your health and wellbeing. 

Sessions will consist of a mix of conversation, practical or written tasks and occupational engagement (trying out an activity to see if it helps).  If it fits with your goals for therapy, nature-based sessions will also be considered and planned for.  

There may be work to do at home which could be completing diaries or other written tasks, trying out different strategies we've discussed in session or trying out a new occupation. This helps to make sure that the work we do in the sessions is relevant and meaningful to you outside of the session and facilitates making the change(s) you want sustainable.

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